Am I Doing It Right?

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As I go throughout my days with my son, I always stop and wonder “am I doing it right?” I feel like I should be teaching him more, challenging him more but I don’t know how. I know we should be reading to him, but he sits still for about 1.2 seconds.

So what do I do? He’s only 9 months old there’s only so much he can do. I feel bad because he does end up watching some tv, some Disney programs, but not as a substitute for interaction with us but more to keep him occupied so we can go to the bathroom, etc because it will hold his attention.

But then I tell myself as long as we are spending time with him, that’s what’s important. And not that I’m working too much or cleaning the house like crazy because when you look back those aren’t the things you’ll remember, you’ll remember the times you spent together.

So I guess I’m doing fine, it’s just hard on me because when I look at this face I will always feel like there’s more I could do for him …


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