Review: Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double vs. Bumbleride Indie Twin

So I’ve been in search of the great white buffalo of strollers if you have more than one kid … The “perfect” double stroller. Friends in my Facebook stroller group say the perfect double stroller is elusive. Yes there is such a thing as a Facebook stroller group and it’s a magical wonderful place if you’re a stroller lover like me, check it out, by far my favorite Facebook group – StrollerQueen StrollerSwap, which is not just a swap by the way, they’re fantastic for reviews, opinions and questions.

In my case, I feel the perfect double stroller is even harder to find because where I live I need the all terrain factor as we frequently head off road on the ranch not to mention our main road is a special kind of ridiculous called chip coat where it’s super rough and rock chunks stick up to stab you in the foot and make strolling a stroller 10 times harder. While all terrain is a main factor in my search for the perfect double, I also am used to (and just all out LOVE) my Baby Jogger City Mini and City Select which have awesome canopies, great quick and slim folds and are fairly lightweight and the fabrics have stood up very well with my boys. So I hoped to have some of the same features in my side by side double.

The recommendations by my fabulous gals at SQSS recommended the Bumbleride Indie Twin, the Mountain Buggy Duet or the Bob Duallie. All perfect recommendations for my needs. These ladies know their stuff. However, to me, looks is an equally important factor and I just don’t personally care for the appearance of the Bob or the MB. So they let me know of the best deal on the BRIT and off I went to purchase it!

When my BRIT arrived, I instantly loved the look and a lot of the features. Then I took it for it’s first test spin. After my first outing and then needing to fold it and bring it in the house, I definitely had some hesitations about it and probably due mostly to the fact that it was a completely different brand and beast than I was used to. I started to wonder if a City Mini GT Double wouldn’t meet my needs and be a stroller I’d be happier with being a mostly Baby Jogger user otherwise. However I decided to start by contacting Bumbleride to see if they could help resolve some of my concerns. The biggest concern I had was that after the first outing the seat fabric was already dirty. Yes I live in the country and I have boys, but my other strollers have never been noticeably dirty nearly this fast. So Kandi at Bumbleride was great at giving me a couple of options and ideas. I selected her option of trying a different color fabric. However part of me still hesitated and wondered about the CMGTD and I found a great deal for one online so I decided to order and compare.*

Having both to compare and discussing with my friends at SQSS helped me decide to do a full personal comparison and write up on the two as I had only found one other such direct comparison online. So here’s my findings and decision between the City Mini GT Double and the Bumbleride Indie Twin.

If you find my review helpful, you can purchase them here through Amazon using my affiliate links – I would greatly appreciate it!

City Mini GT Double –

Bumbleride Indie Twin (BRIT) – 
Overall Size

Very similar in overall sizing, I measured both to be 29″ wide. The back wheels on the CMGTD are 26″ and the BRIT are 29″ and for me that meant the difference of fitting through some spaces.

Folded size – big difference! The BRIT is nearly twice the size (24″) folded as the CMGTD (13″).

Here they are folded in the back of my trunk (GMC Terrain) also.

In terms of weight, obviously the CMGTD is going to be lighter which combined with the fold makes it a much more easily portable side by side double.

Best in overall size: City Mini GT Double  


Both strollers have 11″ wide seats and the footwell is 10.5″ on both, however with the Bumbleride Indie Twin the footwell has 3 adjustable heights and even an infant mode as well (bassinet like with upright footwell and straps that come out and snap to form sides). The City Mini GT Double seat back was 17.75″ tall per my measurement, whereas the BRIT was 19″ and also a coupe extra inches of head room above the seat back before you’d hit the canopy.

Both seat backs recline flat, and the adjuster for the seats was a much tougher on the BRIT, in my opinion.

Harness levels are more spread out on the BRIT and it even has infant support straps for you to thread the bottom harness straps through for better infant support.

The seat back came more upright on the BRIT for me.  

Both seats have pockets on the back (zippered BRIT, mesh elastic CMGTD)

and have venting options (unzip and fully open BRIT, mesh CMGTD).

Seat winner: Bumbleride Indie Twin


The canopy actually rotates down in addition to extending on the Bumbleride Indie Twin so it will actually come lower than the City Mini GT Double.


The CMGTD has 2 peek through windows that are plastic and glare a bit but are able to be rolled up and secured (Velcro closure and roll up).

The BRIT has one peek through mesh window that’s also rolled up and secured with an elastic strap.

The BRIT canopy is slightly tighter than the CMGTD so it can be a little harder to pull down, which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your kiddos.

Canopy winner: Bumbleride Indie Twin 


The max handlebar height on both is 42″. Both go low enough that your kiddos can push. However the City Mini GT Double has many more setting selections (5+) than the Bumbleride Indie Twin (3?). For me, at 5’8″ it makes a difference. I found a much more comfortable setting on the CMGTD, whereas the next closest setting on the BRIT is about an inch lower and therefore a little less comfortable.

I could put it up higher on the BRIT, to the highest setting, but then it would be hard to use a parent console because of the angle.

Another difference is the middle bar on the BRIT. This will allow you to use nearly any parent console whereas on the CMGTD you’d need one specific to a double.

I personally prefer the rubber on the CMGTD handlebar over the BRIT, but I’m putting City Grips on them anyway so it’s not a huge deal.

Handlebar Winner: City Mini GT Double


The basket on the Bumbleride Indie Twin is easily more accessible and bigger than the basket on the City Mini GT Double, probably at least in part to the difference in the rear wheel width. 

With either of the footwells up, the basket on the BRIT is also easily accessible from the front too (which is nice because my toddler can put his water and snack cup in there on his own). 


Basket winner: Bumbleride Indie Twin


The fold on the City Mini GT Double is not only thinner as I mentioned earlier but much easier. Grab the two handles on the seats and pull up. To open, unlock on the one side and flip open. The Bumbleride Indie Twin is kind of a two step fold with a manual lock (the CMGTD lock engages automatically once folded tight enough). For the BRIT you pull up the fold handles on both sides and fold the seats down forward in front of you but you also kind of need to push the bottom forward with your foot too. Then once folded you have to push down and engage the locks manually on either side.  

Fold winner: City Mini GT Double


The Bumbleride Indie Twin has an all silver frame whereas the City Mini GT Double has an all black frame. Personally I prefer the all black frame. As I mentioned earlier, the fabric stained on the BRIT very quickly just from mud and using the recommended cleaner (BuggyLove) didn’t do the trick. I’ve never had noticeable stains on any Baby Jogger fabrics before. The seat fabrics on both however are easily removed, washable, and then reattached.

You can easily change the color on your BRIT by ordering new fabrics from them for $120+ shipping. I got an aqua set to try with black liners to see if that will help my dirtying problem. Because the seat fabrics are separate too you could mix and match colors. I’ve seen black and pink mixed seats for boy/girl siblings on SQSS. The seats are all one piece on the CMGTD so you can only change the color of the whole stroller. I’m fairly certain you can order new ones from Baby Jogger for a similar price.

BRIT comes with the belly bars and universal infant seat adapter which is nice, because no accessories come with the CMGTD. For child snack tray options on the BRIT you can get a Snack Pack ($45) which is raved about on SQSS. Bumbleride also sells a parent console ($25). They also sell a combo seat liner/footmuff for $70, great option if you live in a cooler climate. I don’t but I considered it just for the matching liner alone for my staining issue thinking a liner is easier to wash than the whole fabric. You can also get a bassinet ($160), diaper bag ($60), mini riding board ($100), and rain cover ($45).

The CMGTD comes with no accessories. However you can get a parent console ($35), belly bar ($45), snack tray ($25), cooler ($25), rain cover ($65), bassinet ($170), footmuff ($65), infant seat adapter ($110), glider board ($85), and cup holder ($25).

Accessories/Customization winner: TIE!


Both handle well on smooth terrain and grass. Off road, the Bumbleride Indie Twin glides over gravel, rocks, uneven terrain. The suspension makes it fairly seamless to the riding kids. The City Mini GT Double went off road but it was much more difficult to push and was noticeably much more jolting to the kiddos.

On my awesomely stupid chip coat road, both were slightly difficult to push so that was a draw.

Handling winner: Bumbleride Indie Twin 

Final Decision

For me, the main things holding me back from being 100% on the Bumbleride Indie Twin was the fold/weight, seat fabric and difficulty adjusting seat back, handlebar height and questioning if the City Mini GT Double would handle just as well but correct some of those other hang ups. In my conclusion, the Indie handled just as well or better than the CMGTD and push is a huge factor as I will use it almost daily for walks. The dislikes I had for the BRIT weren’t significantly better on the CMGTD for me to sway that way for a worse push/handling overall. Plus I kinda like the customization and accessory options on the BRIT better and the color is much prettier I think. So the winner for me is …. BUMBLERIDE INDIE TWIN!

Now if you’re someone who doesn’t have as rough of terrain as I do, I think the City Mini GT Double is a great choice and I know so many people who have them and love them. Like I said, I LOVE my other Baby Joggers, and maybe I’ll get the CMGTD again some day for a different use. But for my current everyday usage walking and around the ranch, Bumbleride Indie Twin is mah jam!

*For the record, both of these strollers were purchased by me, they were not provided by the manufacturers. 

Edit to add: I ordered the footmuff and liner as I have a hard time keeping my littlest covered when we go walking due to the high winds where I live and I love it!

It covers him perfectly and provides a little more cushion for him in the seat.

It was very easy to attach to the back of the seat with the elastic strap and re-thread the harness through it. The footmuff easily zips off if you just want the liner.

My only complaint is the exposed zipper when you take the footmuff off, but it’s a minor one because overall it’s great! I’ll have to buy another for the other side as my older son is the one who will dirty the stroller most and the liner would be great so I don’t have to wash the entire seat fabric when he jumps in with his muddy shoes. I highly recommend it as an accessory for your Indie or indie Twin.