What I learned about what I did and didn’t need as a new mom with a baby

As I was getting ready to become a first time mom, I scoured blogs, sites and books for a comprehensive list of what I would need as a new mom to a baby. I read lots of opinions as to what was useful and useless in terms of baby products. I found Lucie’s List  to be one of the most helpful. However I found opinions and recommendations elsewhere were a little off for what I ended up needing/using, so for what it’s worth here is my list of what I found useful and not, and even a few things I’d stumbled upon that I didn’t find in other lists.

Wipes Warmer: read many places that this would be useless, however my new little man was NOT a fan of cold wipes on his warm little bum so my husband was out getting one the day after he came home

Changing Table: also read many places that this would be useless, however after a couple months of our backs aching by bending over to beds and the ottoman to change him, we got the changing table

Bottle Warmer: also read this is useless by many sources, but when you’ve got a crying baby, waiting for a bottle to warm up just by placing it in warm water is not nearly fast enough, bottle warmer all the way

Receiving blankets: I have about 10 that were never used. What the hell are these for?!? Too small for swaddling and kinda warm. I don’t get it. Never used them and I’d never recommend someone get them. Muslim swaddle blankets are where it’s at.

Sleepsacks: I used the swaddleme’s and halo swaddle sacks until my son could roll over. After that I stopped using anything like that cuz if his legs are trapped in a sack, how does he move around? My son is super mobile when he sleeps that sack would’ve just pissed him off and woke him up. They’re all going back or getting sold.

Shoes: glad I didn’t buy but one or two pair and the rest were handed down because I ended up with 6-7 pair than he never wore because by the time he was going to stand and start walking, they were all way too small. He’s 9 months now and just standing and getting close to walking and he wears like a size 4-5 shoe.

Pants: this is kind of a local thing but I live in South Texas. Winter is like December thru February here. My son was born in December. Any pants bigger than 6 months did not ever get worn. Huge waste. He barely wore shorts, onesies mostly.

Jackets and sweaters: mostly when he was smaller, because even though it was colder when he was born, you normally cover them up with blankets. And because their body temp doesn’t regulate well that young a jacket or sweater is much harder to take off or put on than just putting a blanket on them.

Milk Bibs: by Tommee Tippee, have a little roll that goes up under the neck that catches the milk dribbles when they’re nursing/taking bottle. I originally bought 2, and ended up with about 8. Found them hugely useful.

Nursing Tanks: maybe I missed it somewhere til a good friend of mine pointed it out, but these are horribly convenient to sleep in when you’re nursing. No extra bra needed and ease of use for middle of the night feedings.

Zip up pajamas: I don’t believe the importance and convenience of these was stressed near enough. At 2am and 4am if you’re changing diapers on a wiggly baby snaps are a bitch. Save yourself the headache and only get zip up jams for anything 3 months plus.

Tommee Tippee Breast Pump Adapters: take your standard breast pump and be able to pump right into the Tommee Tippee bottles. Saves a lot of transferring if you’re a working pumping breast feeding mom like me. Ain’t nobody got time for all that transferring around!

Bottle Medicine Dispenser: those syringes suck at dispensing medicine in their little mouths. This works so much better.

Hopefully this can be of help to someone! I figure the more opinions and information you can get the better, at least that was my approach and I wish I would’ve seen some of this when I was researching!

Am I Doing It Right?

As I go throughout my days with my son, I always stop and wonder “am I doing it right?” I feel like I should be teaching him more, challenging him more but I don’t know how. I know we should be reading to him, but he sits still for about 1.2 seconds.

So what do I do? He’s only 9 months old there’s only so much he can do. I feel bad because he does end up watching some tv, some Disney programs, but not as a substitute for interaction with us but more to keep him occupied so we can go to the bathroom, etc because it will hold his attention.

But then I tell myself as long as we are spending time with him, that’s what’s important. And not that I’m working too much or cleaning the house like crazy because when you look back those aren’t the things you’ll remember, you’ll remember the times you spent together.

So I guess I’m doing fine, it’s just hard on me because when I look at this face I will always feel like there’s more I could do for him …